How can I determine how many laps are in an event?

To see how many laps in an event go the Event list from main menu. Click on the desired event and below in the event list will be all the event details including lap count.

Why is my Event List blank?

If your event list is empty please also check your Profile to see if it is also empty. If your profile is empty has well please contact support to report the issues.

How do I join recurring events?

Recurring Events have no start time listed. Click on event so it is highlighted green. Then select join and you will portal to that event. Note that you will be un-joined from any other recurring event

What platform will CVR World Cup Events run on?


How do I create an event that doesn't require steering?

Steering is an option you can have enabled, and same goes for crashing. Choose 3 permanent power-ups so you do not need to steer (quantum shift, corner caper, uncrashable).

Can an event have a maximum amount of players?

An event can be set to allow a maximum number of Caders/Riders.

Can you earn money by creating events?

People that host events can earn a share of the revenue from that event. This feature is not available in Beta

How many events am I allowed to join?

There is no limit to how many events you join. CVRcade will take you to the next available event depending on the start times of each event.

How do the events start in CVRcade?

You keep riding for warm-up with a countdown timer display (in this way you get credit for time and distance) and when the timer reaches zero everyone is transported to the start/finish line and the event begins!

How do I joined scheduled events?

Scheduled events: (one-time events that are not recurring) If you join 15 minutes before the event start you will portal to the event track If you join a scheduled event earlier than 15 minutes before the start time it will be added to your schedule and 5 minutes before the event start you will portal to the event track If you try to join an event that conflicts with your scheduled events you will get a warning message"

What is a hosted event?

A hosted event is an event that is created and guided by a host/leader.

Are events free?

Anyone can create and host an event that is free for other caders to join.

What type of events are available to create?

Race Event (standard race) Strategy Event (select abilities and power ups to use before the event starts) Elimination Event (the cader in last place after each lap will be eliminated) Recovery Event (enforces a maximum speed allowed) Ride Event (use the Leader and Sweeper features to keep the group together)

Where can I join events?

Events can be joined under the "Play" menu by selecting Event. This will bring up a list of all available events to join. Once you select your desired event a green border will appear around the event tile. Select "join" to portal to event.