Release Notes CVRcade Version 0.1.42

CVRcade Version 0.1.42

Released Monday, November 11th, 2019


  • Added Quick Start menu
    • When Quick Start menu is closed widgets will appear
    • Escape key will close Quick Start menu
    • Q will open Quick Start menu
    • Added icon to bottom bar to open Quick Start menu
  • Identified and fixed memory leaks
  • Modified real time updates for power
  • Added Optimal server code changes and retry
  • Event finish corrections
  • Added countdown time for event starting soon messaging
  • Added error handling for network issues
  • New elevator for faster installs
  • Fixed bug that takes users to future events


  • UI changes for the login page (included a 3rd option)
  • Ride History
    • Added the ability to select and download multiple rides in one fit file
    • Added the ability to download previous riding sessions
  • Added Classes option
  • Updated Event Tiles
  • Changed download messages
  • Fixed power numbers overlapping HRM gauge icon when over 1000


  • Changed messaging to appear higher and more translucent so that users view in a track is not obstructed
  • Fixed incorrect avatar themes for replay events
  • All assets will unload in an asset bundle
  • Added default sky-box
  • Turned off post-processing for mini-cam
  • Fixed missing assets
  • Fix for Wind
  • Removed unused assets (1/2 GB smaller)
  • Updated and added new shaders


  • Track Builder
    • Fixed connection to Track Builder
    • Object purchases changed from CadeCOINS to currency
    • Fixed bug for publishing a new track
  • New Tracks
    • Hypnotic Jumble
    • Lakeview Lanes
    • Submerged Stadium

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