Release Notes CVRcade Version 0.0.360

CVRcade Version 0.0.360

Released Saturday, July 20, 2019


  • Power curves based on 30 days of data instead of 90
  • Real-time Equalization tweaks
  • Extensive testing for improved track performance
  • Implemented optimal server code
  • Added error label on the screen
  • Camera angle adjustments
    • You: raised
    • Bike: lowered
    • Fixed initialization bug
    • Rear view mirror added
      • culls layers


  • Events:
    • Power-up’s can be configured for use one to three times
    • Added configuration for lapped riders, turning them to Ghosts or not
    • Added functionality for several events to be linked for a series
    • Fixed bug in finishing order issue
    • Fixed bug in best lap time
  • Scoreboard
    • Permits vertical expansion
  • Leaderboard
    • Fixed a boundary condition


  • Changed ride level of detail distances


  • Track Builder:
    • Implemented Unity track builder for Macs
    • Added orthographic view
    • Added preview mode
    • Added prompt when deleting track
    • Renamed function to show segment list popup
    • Fixed object cloning issue
    • Fixed bug where track segments were remaining highlighted
    • Added messaging for published track
  • Improvements to Dark Matter Velo
    • Graphics
    • Animated closed lanes
  • Improved performance to:
    • Mountain Bike Course by Jesper
    • Kayla’s Mountain Course
    • Rocky Mountains
    • Temple Run

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