How do I publish a track or make it available for the public?

To publish a track and make it accessible to the public first save the track in track builder. Then upload an image showing the best view of your track. Then select "Request to Publish". The CVRcade team will review the track and respond to you via email once it is published or if there is an issue. The track owner can edit the track while its in the "Request to Publish" state but after it is published they will not be able to make edits.

Can I see another rider's view while racing?

Caders can switch their main camera to another rider by clicking on that rider in the nearby riders list. Then using the C key to switch views from that riders camera.

How do I change my main camera view?

To change the view on the main camera use the C key and the view will switch through each of these views: Bike, Side, Finish, Leader, Helicopter, Free, You, Backwards

Can I ride off track in Moutain Bike Tracks?

On Mountain Bike tracks the Avatar will be able to ride off the actual track because it is a Mountain Bike track. Watch out for rocks!

How do I know how many power-ups are available to use in an event?

The square icons we see in the event that fill up with the power-up icons. It is the maximum power-ups you can hold in an event. When a power-up is used that power-up box will turn green and a bar below it will show the time left for that power-up.

What power-ups are available for CVRcade?

• A weight lifted: 30kg lighter • Comeback kid: Receive 367 watts for 45s or until you catch the person in front of you • Corner Caper: Won't slide out in corners • Great Responsibility: Boost of power • Inerta is a hell of a drug: Speed will not change • Lazy Boy: 367 equalized watts • Leader: others in the event can only get as close as configured • Path of least resistance: Road resistance is greatly reduced • Pneuaplat, god of flat tires: Everyone else decreases to 0kph • Power Pl...

How do I send chat messages?

Use the Audio/Chat widget to IM with everyone in that channel. To IM with one person click on their name in the Audio/Chat widget, their name will be highlighted and then type the message. To return to chatting with the group click on the individual that is highlighted and then type.

My avatar raised it's hands up after I finished the event?

The winner's avatar of each event will have an animation!

Do power-ups have specific animations?

Power-Ups will have an animation that is seen by both the user and the Nearby Riders. The animation will also appear in Nearby Riders list.

How do I move my widgets on screen? MAC

For Mac users you will need to select the widget and use Command+ the mouse to drag/move widget location.

Is there an in game store?

There is an in game store where you can purchase cadeCOINS™. Go the hamburger menu and select cadeCOINS. In game purchases, including event tickets can only be made with cadeCOINS™.

What is the exchange rate of cadeCOINS?

The cost of cadeCOINS™ purchased in game will be in US dollars. There are several free websites that will convert the USD amount to your local currency but the final exchange rate will be determined by Paypal or Stripe depending on which way you pay for the transaction

Why did I recieve a DNF for an event?

Riders will receive a DNF by leaving the event any time after the warm up has started and before crossing the finish line.

How do I access audio in CVRcade?

- To open the Audio widget - Click on the hamburger menu, scroll down to UI Controls and turn Audio/Chat widget on - Hover your mouse on the Audio/Chat widget header and click on the gear icon - Select your desired input and output - Your mic is active when the icon in the Audio/Chat window is green. To turn your mic on: - Click on the mic icon and your mic will be active until you click on the mic icon again OR - Click insert key to turn your mic on for 10 seconds - T...

Why am I crashing?

- Speed: Some tracks have maximum speeds on corners. If you crashed due to speed a message will appear telling you what the maximum speed is for that corner on that track. - Power Ups: Do not use the “Path of least resistance” power up when approaching or rounding corners. - Closed Lanes: The Hazardous Velo has red lanes that are closed to riders. - Obstructions: Some tracks have obstacles in certain lanes that you will need to move around. - Track Surface: Some tracks have a surface tha...

Will CVRcade focus on FTP for races?

We will not be fixated on FTP or w/kg. Whilst these are still factors, within CVRcade we have both scratch racing which is pure watts against watts but also Physical Equalization which is racing based on effort compare to other racers based on a power curve that is constantly updated within the game.

How can a rider gain more XP?

Caders earn experience points based on how they ride and perform in the game. The more you ride the more you earn.

How do I manually retrieve a fit file?

Use the hamburger menu at the bottom of the screen to open the main menu. Select Stats A new window titled” Previous Rides” will open with a list of your efforts/rides. You may need to close the main menu to see the entire stats window. Find the effort/ride you want to download and click on the blue link at the left side of the window under the column titled Date and Time. A new browser window (file explorer) will open with hat file. You can move that file or upload it where you prefer.

What is FTP?

Functional Threshold Power, or FTP, is one of the key training terms in cycling and is effectively the maximum power you can sustain for an hour.

Can Fit Files be uploaded into the Training calendar?

Yes all fit files from rides upload to Training Calendar.

What is equalization?

Physical Equalization allows people of different fitness levels to race together where your skill and strategy is tested. The goal of equalization is not that everyone should be in one pack or that everyone should finish together. It is you should go the same speed for the same effort ALL other things being equal. It's about being able to ride enjoyably with people of different levels. It is **NOT** designed to keep people together

What are cadeCOINS?

cadeCOINS™ are In game currency. They can be purchased in the game store or earned as a prize in certain events.

How do we steer in CVRcade?

In the beta of CVRcade you'll be using the keyboard keys or game controller to steer right and left.

How do I use the rear view mini camera?

To take a quick look behind you hold the B key To open the mini camera and change the view use the V key and the view will switch through each of these views: Bike, Side, Finish, Leader, Helicopter, Free, You, Backwards

Can anyone create a league?

Yes anyone can create a league.

Will there be designated brackets or categories for riders?

With Physical Equalization(TM) no categories are necessary. It modifies power based on each individuals historical performance so everyone can race together. Riders can hold not equalized events.

How do I know how many cadeCOINS I have?

Use the hamburger icon in the bottom tool bar to open the main menu. In the menu select cadeCOINS. A window will appear and at the top the balance of your Wallet will appear.

What is a cader?

An individual that participates in CVRcade.

What does XP mean?

Experience Points. A rider can find their experience points under Profile. The more you race and play CVRcade the more XP you earn!

How do I build a track?

In the hamburger menu select Build. From here you can create a new track or edit a saved track.

What are the available tracks to ride in CVRcade?

The tracks are accessible from the hamburger menu • Saturn Circuit Complete • Wooden Velo • Asphalt Velo • Hairpin • Echelon Test • Sci Fi Arena • Hazardous Velo

Can CVRcade's UI be customizable?

The CVRcade UI can be moved around on screen to suit your preferences by holding CTRL and dragging widget window. Also widgets can be toggled on and off in hamburger menu.