How do you connect your strava account?

1.        Connect CVRcade to Strava:
a.        Use the hamburger menu on the bottom tool bar.
b.        From the “My Stuff” menu select “Profile”
c.        A new window will open scroll down and select “Community”
d.        Click on the blue button “Connect to Strava”
e.        Fill in all the information required and watch for the success message.
f.        If for some reason the success message didn’t appear you can go back to Profile and Community the blue button should now read “Disconnect from Strava” instead of “Connect to Strava”
2.        Once you have connected CVRcade to Strava all of your efforts in CVRcade will be sent to Strava automatically. Any efforts in CVRcade before connecting to Strava will not be sent to Strava.
3.        CVRcade will record ALL of your physical effort in one session. A session is the time between when you open CVRcade and when you close CVRcade. As you ride on your home world, in events or on different tracks CVRcade will record all of this data as one session.
4.        CVRcade will NOT record sessions done with a keyboard or controller. Only physical efforts will be captured.
5.        When you close CVRcade your fit files will be sent to Strava typically within 5 minutes.